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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas time!

It has been an extremely busy and productive fall here at A Party Apart.  Winding down later in summer were great outdoor weddings, ceremonies and events.  With the warmer weather, we have continued setting up tents late in the season.  Just last weekend we did a 40' x 120' for a wedding in Ohio.  No matter what time of year, let us know what you want and we will try and make it happen.  The Christmas season has also been jammed packed with company parties.  Awesome events at the Coliseum, Grand Wayne, Eddie Merlot's and all over town! Casino's have also remained popular for company themes.  We can provide tables, chips and also dealers. Providing a complete casino experience at any venue.  Making a trip to Chicago was also in order.  Cheryl was a finalist for Event Designer of the Year at the BizBash IdeaFest in Chicago.  While she didn't win, being nominated was great recognition.  Be sure not to miss us in a few weeks at the Fort Wayne Bridal Spectacular.  The event is held at the Coliseum on Saturday and Sunday, January 5th & 6th from 12-4.  This two day show is a great chance to talk to our designers face to face.  We typically run specials at these shows on popular wedding rental items.  January also marks the 10th anniversary of A Party Apart.  So be on the lookout for fun events marking this grand occasion!  As always, be sure to checkout the links below for the most current news, photos and ideas.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday's and Happy New Year from A Party Apart!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer! Summer! Summer!

It has been an extremely busy and productive summer here at APA!  We have had the opportunity of working on great events like the IPFW Riverfest, Three Rivers Festival, numerous graduation parties, weddings and Matilda Jane events.  From decorating pirate ships, to blowing up balloons, to setting up chairs, it has been full of action.  The hot items of the summer have definitely been Mason Jars and Harvest Tables.  We like to call the theme "Grandma's Attic".  It is an eclectic mix of different items that do not necessarily match, but bring together a unique and one of a kind experience to individual wedding receptions.  We have also dove more into Social Media which has given us the chance to get examples of our work out much quicker.  Channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been a great tool to showcase our events.  We also got a few nods from BizBash on our posts.  BizBash is one of the leading publications in our industry in markets like New York, Chicago and Miami.  That was very exciting!  We invite you to take a look at our different Social Media avenues.  The plan is to update our blog more on a quarterly basis and let you know about specials or shows that we will be attending and exhibiting.  Typically Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are updated multiple times a week.  Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to call and ask how A Party Apart can set your next event APART! (260) 969-0999 - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vera Bradley Classic Tennis Dinner

This past weekend we had the opportunity to work on a great project with the Vera Bradley Foundation.  Each year they have the Vera Bradley Classic Golf and Tennis Fundraiser.  The golf outing was held at Sycamore Hills and the tennis event was held at Wildwood Racquetball Club.  Incorporating some of our new lighting, we were able to transform the Wildwood space into an intimate and inviting cocktail and dinner space.  Since pink is the theme, the room was washed in pink lighting.  The Foundation logo was also projected onto one of the walls in white.  One of the best additions was the projection of a new Vera Bradley pattern in color that spanned about 50 feet wide by 15 feet tall.  The cocktail and dinner tables were also covered with this matching pattern.  This type of complete transformation is something you can rely on us to take care of.  Let us know how you want your venue transformed and we can make it happen.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring/Summer Themes in Full Bloom

The sun is shining; the temperatures are rising and spring is in the air. Also just around the corner is a calendar of events — everything from birthdays, retirements, and graduations to bridal showers and weddings; corporate picnics and parties to fundraisers and special functions. In addition to being very now and very current, what's else is great about these looks? They're all completely scaleable — great looks for your next intimate gathering for 30, or just the right feel for the 250+ bridal reception dinner of the century. Here's plenty of inspiration for your celebration...the perfect theme for YOUR next special occasion...time to start planning NOW!

Black, White and WOW...
Classic, formal, and sophisticated are what black and white has always been about. For a very current feel, pair them with any pop of color you can imagine, add in a chateau pattern runner and some rhinestone accents placed on a square table to complete the look - and WOW - it's an instant updated feel for this classic combo. Think it's a great party look, but afraid it's too much black for a wedding? Not so! Black is the new wedding color after all, AND the perfect backdrop to make any accent color POP! Click here to view photos...

Vintage Harvest...
Call it rustic; call it vintage; call it shabby chic — ALL are correct! This look is all the rage, and can easily be accomplished no matter the color palette you choose. Eclectic is the objective —just use elements that you love — mixing aged and worn pieces with crystal jewels, rugged textures, lace runners, real wood harvest tables, vintage glass vases, and anything else on hand. It’s the perfect theme for the Pinerest addict or the project bride - with all of your pinned ideas coming together for one fabulous, current look. Click here to view photos...

If bold or black isn’t your particular style, but you still want to achieve a dramatic look, think bling by combining glittery glass with candles, candles, and MORE candles. Linen options are important accents as well. This combination of textures in muted tones brings life to this vision and answers “can I really mix white and ivory?” with a resounding YES! Top it off with hints of gold and once the lights dim and the candles are lit, this simply stunning setting turns into high voltage drama at its best! Click here to view photos...

A Walk on the Wild Side...
Okay, you want something different, you want something unique, you want something that will make people sit up and take notice. Open yourself up to ideas a little bit out this "Out of Africa" A Party Apart-style. Nearly life-size sculpted giraffes and authentic African masks sit side by side with Manzanita trees, slithering snakes, celebratory drums and monkey balls (that’s right, we said it!). Animal-print linens, and burlap and grass textures pair with tribe-inspired accents to give your guests the feel of a safari adventure. Click here to view photos...

Contemporary Geometry
Bold, strong, simple, and striking appeal to you? If so, you'll love the look of these clean lines and dramatic settings. Bold reds pair with bright lime green — this "odd couple" with a modern twist seems perfectly matched. Black and white appear again but this time with geometrical shapes — triangles, horizontal planes and that bold dash of lighting makes one straighten up and take notice. Hip, hot and oh-so right now.
Cotton Candy Carnival in Pink
Whether it's for a birthday party, baby shower, or even a wedding, your guests will get a sense of nostalgia and childlike wonder from this carnival of details and sense of fun. The carousel horse, cotton candy colored linens, oversized paper flowers, jars of gumballs, the smell of fresh popcorn (that’s right, the popcorn machine isn’t just for looks), and the bright color game tickets are all a throwback to a much sweeter, more simple time. This brings a smile to the face and the kid out in every guest. Click here to view photos...

Find out more about how to create this colorful themes and more — visit our online catalog, view our online gallery or come see our showroom, or call one of our event specialists today!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Transform This Space - from "oh well" to "WOW"!

Retirement Redefined...
“Make it fun; make it different; make it a WOW.” Those were the parameters we were recently given for transforming the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne into something special for a corporate retirement party. What started in one room with a small pre-function area quickly grew until the week prior to the actual event, plans changed enough to switch spaces for both the main event and the pre-function gathering. With the great staff at the Grand Wayne Center, the simple response is always "no problem" — and soon both areas were re-configured to accommodate the new requirements.

Simple and sophisticated kept the overall look clean, yet still fresh and different. Silver metallic spandex covered the chairs, picking up and reflecting the color of the lights, and presenting a streamlined look when paired with black table linens. The white spandex over-sized discs on the ceiling created a "wow" backdrop when lit with color, and the shapes mimicked the lighting patterns and colors that were used in the overall video presentation and rest of the decor.

LED lights were used in the clear centerpieces on the dinner tables in the main room, looking beautiful with the lights up, but drop-dead dramatic when the lights went low. The front hall pre-funtion area changed its mood and color palette as the LED lights shifted from reds and purples to blues and greens, creating dramatic walls of color to surround guests as they mingled and congratulated the guest of honor. And while it was a warm occasion inside, you could see hints of an open flame through the glass doors to the outside as rib eyes and salmon steaks sizzled over hot coals on grills and heating stations provided by A Party Apart. Click here to view more photos. Congratulations and Happy Retirement to Keith Busse.

"Yeah, Baby!"
A winning paddle raised at a local fundraiser — and the next thing they knew, the bidder and his guests found themselves transported to another place and time when they walked down Berry Street in Fort Wayne last week and entered a glass door discreetly marked with the outline of a bunny decal. As guests entered into what earlier that day was a lobby, they could have just as easily been on North State Street in Chicago in 1960 at one of the most infamous night clubs of its time — the "Playboy Club". The original clubs of the 1960s were upscale and international in scope, presenting members and their guests with a respectable and professionally run entertainment venue.

The first step in transforming the all-glass lobby was using black draping to completely cover everything, changing the look and creating a blank canvas for adding decor. Large groupings of white discs and LED color lights created that cool, hip, clubby “60’s” vibe on the new "walls" and flooded the ceiling in hot pinks and purples. Intimate individual table lighting, silhouette dancers on a big screen, maribou feathers, pink bunnies, and the electric glow of the fictitious name in color in the middle of the "club" — all these accents combined to create that "sizzle" and "pop" and really bring the room to life. Guests were heard whispering as they departed "this was THE party of the year!” Click here to view more photos. Lighting by Rick Browning. Catering by: Honey on the Table.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

THAT Space is a Gymnasium? I Don't Think So!

Sometimes a special event is special because of the venue it is held in; sometimes you don't have a "party" space and transforming unusual space into a magical environment takes a bit of work. Here's three recent examples - all with good "bones" in school environments - all with very different results...

"Vintage Concordia"
The challenge for "Vintage Concordia" — a recent silent auction, dinner and fundraiser at Concordia Lutheran High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana was not only to transform the entry through the hallway and into the gymnasium, but the gymnasium itself. This was a large event with over 400 guests and a variety of spaces to create. Hallways and entry ways became pathways to Italian wine country, complete with colorful backdrops of the Tuscany region. Wine barrels and grapevine arches created registration areas and check out tables. Silent auction displays surrounded and helped define an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere reminiscent of the Italian countryside, complete with candlelight, views, hanging chandeliers, billowy draping overhead, and the feeling of dining al fresco in a vineyard. La Dolce Vita! Click here to see more photos.

"Winter Wonderland"
Maple Leaf Farms, of Leesburg, IN, recently purchased and completely renovated the former Leesburg Elementary School into a modern world headquarters with offices for more than 80 employees. The $4 million renovation kept the former gym intact, painting only the walls and bleachers, and refinishing the floor. To transform this space into a truly "winter wonderland," we first protected the floor with carpet (thank you Hamm Event Services) to quiet the space (think how that first snowfall sounds late in the middle of the night). Next, all the lighting was turned off — creating atmosphere, intimacy and a big-city holiday feel for the 200+ guests using uplighting and gobo projectors of snowflakes. Lounge areas and cocktail tables around the lounge area were all lit with LEDs – creating a hip, clubby, upscale and "techy" vibe. The tables and chairs were "dressed" for the evening with glittery silver, pewter, and white; with glowing snow-white bright centerpieces. Guests were in awe and amazed that the space could be transformed so dramatically.

For the following weekend, carpet, tables and chairs were removed, and the space became party central for a 16th birthday party. The kids used the bar and lounge areas for snacks and beverages, and played basketball in one end of the gym. Not one, but two unique transformations — to satisfy all ages! Click here to see more photos.

"Red Carpet"
Homestead High School's 2011 winter dance was the talk of the town — if you count the backdrop paparazzi flashing cameras and the buzz of excitement from the "local" celebrities when they walked into the transformed space. Each year, A Party Apart comes up with unique themes for both the winter dances and Homestead's annual proms. This year's "Red Carpet Night" had all of the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood version — lights, cameras, action, the red carpet walk, a staging area for "celebrity" photos, and a trendy hot setting that rivaled any awards show. Be a "star" in your own setting! Click here to see more photos.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time to De-Stress Your Holiday Planning

December kicks off this magical season - the spirit of Christmas, holiday parties and festivities with family and friends – isn’t that what this time of the year is for when we entertain? Why then do so many people get stressed out for planning a party?

Gone are the days when most people would just quickly plan a get-together; or call a few friends on the spur of the moment, make some easy snacks and have a casual evening. Times have changed, and today, society demands it is all about the type of food, the look of the party and getting the right group of friends together at the same time, instead of just letting everyone mix and mingle.

Everyone has their idea of what the perfect party will be. Holiday parties are no different than any other special event, including weddings. Houses are decorated from traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary to the current popular "rustic elegance." Look at the d├ęcor all around us — anything goes. And the most common request? A "wow" factor when guests walk through the door. Today's holiday decor knows no right or wrong. It's hard to even remember when turkey was ONLY for Thanksgiving and Christmas — or shrimp cocktail was a New Year’s Eve or day treat? And Christmas colors were ALWAYS red and green?

Here's a couple of our favorite looks for this holiday season:
Winter Wonderland – all white and glitzy, full of crystal and snow. Centerpieces include white floral, candlelight; refreshments include sparkling champagne with butler-served appetizers.
Rustic Elegance – plenty of natural fabrics; centerpieces with cranberries, nuts, and greens; comfort foods and spiked wassil.
Timeless Traditional – familiar reds and greens as color scheme; evergreens and pine cones; buffet with a variety of timeless favorites like wings, meatballs and creamy dips.
Modern Sophistication – Contemporary blacks and chrome with a strong pop of color (think turquoise or lime green); spandex table coverings; martinis and tapas food stations; centerpieces of vases filled with shiny ornaments and metallics.

Our tips for having a stress-free, enjoyable event?
#1 - Have the party that makes YOU comfortable; when you are relaxed, your guests are going to enjoy the evening as much or more because they'll take their cue from you.
#2 – If you aren’t the person that loves to prepare food - call on your favorite caterer – there are many out there offering items to fit every like and taste. Pick the perfect menu and check it off your list.
#3 – Whether it is a decorator, a party rental company or extra servers to help you – depend on someone you trust for their expertise, knowledge and advice. Don’t cause any additional stress by wondering if the linens are going to be perfect or the delivery on time.
#4 – If you are using a rental company – schedule the delivery early and request set-up of items instead of just drop-offs.
#5 – Renting makes sense - it saves you time and energy – and at the end of your party, you pack it up and send it back (no storing and less trash and clean-up).

Most importantly, create a comfortable, warm inviting environment where guests will have fun and enjoy themselves, with you doing whatever makes you comfortable. With the right help and approach, you'll enjoy your party from the beginning to the end — and that's what entertaining this season is really all about.