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Friday, January 20, 2012

Transform This Space - from "oh well" to "WOW"!

Retirement Redefined...
“Make it fun; make it different; make it a WOW.” Those were the parameters we were recently given for transforming the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne into something special for a corporate retirement party. What started in one room with a small pre-function area quickly grew until the week prior to the actual event, plans changed enough to switch spaces for both the main event and the pre-function gathering. With the great staff at the Grand Wayne Center, the simple response is always "no problem" — and soon both areas were re-configured to accommodate the new requirements.

Simple and sophisticated kept the overall look clean, yet still fresh and different. Silver metallic spandex covered the chairs, picking up and reflecting the color of the lights, and presenting a streamlined look when paired with black table linens. The white spandex over-sized discs on the ceiling created a "wow" backdrop when lit with color, and the shapes mimicked the lighting patterns and colors that were used in the overall video presentation and rest of the decor.

LED lights were used in the clear centerpieces on the dinner tables in the main room, looking beautiful with the lights up, but drop-dead dramatic when the lights went low. The front hall pre-funtion area changed its mood and color palette as the LED lights shifted from reds and purples to blues and greens, creating dramatic walls of color to surround guests as they mingled and congratulated the guest of honor. And while it was a warm occasion inside, you could see hints of an open flame through the glass doors to the outside as rib eyes and salmon steaks sizzled over hot coals on grills and heating stations provided by A Party Apart. Click here to view more photos. Congratulations and Happy Retirement to Keith Busse.

"Yeah, Baby!"
A winning paddle raised at a local fundraiser — and the next thing they knew, the bidder and his guests found themselves transported to another place and time when they walked down Berry Street in Fort Wayne last week and entered a glass door discreetly marked with the outline of a bunny decal. As guests entered into what earlier that day was a lobby, they could have just as easily been on North State Street in Chicago in 1960 at one of the most infamous night clubs of its time — the "Playboy Club". The original clubs of the 1960s were upscale and international in scope, presenting members and their guests with a respectable and professionally run entertainment venue.

The first step in transforming the all-glass lobby was using black draping to completely cover everything, changing the look and creating a blank canvas for adding decor. Large groupings of white discs and LED color lights created that cool, hip, clubby “60’s” vibe on the new "walls" and flooded the ceiling in hot pinks and purples. Intimate individual table lighting, silhouette dancers on a big screen, maribou feathers, pink bunnies, and the electric glow of the fictitious name in color in the middle of the "club" — all these accents combined to create that "sizzle" and "pop" and really bring the room to life. Guests were heard whispering as they departed "this was THE party of the year!” Click here to view more photos. Lighting by Rick Browning. Catering by: Honey on the Table.