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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

THAT Space is a Gymnasium? I Don't Think So!

Sometimes a special event is special because of the venue it is held in; sometimes you don't have a "party" space and transforming unusual space into a magical environment takes a bit of work. Here's three recent examples - all with good "bones" in school environments - all with very different results...

"Vintage Concordia"
The challenge for "Vintage Concordia" — a recent silent auction, dinner and fundraiser at Concordia Lutheran High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana was not only to transform the entry through the hallway and into the gymnasium, but the gymnasium itself. This was a large event with over 400 guests and a variety of spaces to create. Hallways and entry ways became pathways to Italian wine country, complete with colorful backdrops of the Tuscany region. Wine barrels and grapevine arches created registration areas and check out tables. Silent auction displays surrounded and helped define an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere reminiscent of the Italian countryside, complete with candlelight, views, hanging chandeliers, billowy draping overhead, and the feeling of dining al fresco in a vineyard. La Dolce Vita! Click here to see more photos.

"Winter Wonderland"
Maple Leaf Farms, of Leesburg, IN, recently purchased and completely renovated the former Leesburg Elementary School into a modern world headquarters with offices for more than 80 employees. The $4 million renovation kept the former gym intact, painting only the walls and bleachers, and refinishing the floor. To transform this space into a truly "winter wonderland," we first protected the floor with carpet (thank you Hamm Event Services) to quiet the space (think how that first snowfall sounds late in the middle of the night). Next, all the lighting was turned off — creating atmosphere, intimacy and a big-city holiday feel for the 200+ guests using uplighting and gobo projectors of snowflakes. Lounge areas and cocktail tables around the lounge area were all lit with LEDs – creating a hip, clubby, upscale and "techy" vibe. The tables and chairs were "dressed" for the evening with glittery silver, pewter, and white; with glowing snow-white bright centerpieces. Guests were in awe and amazed that the space could be transformed so dramatically.

For the following weekend, carpet, tables and chairs were removed, and the space became party central for a 16th birthday party. The kids used the bar and lounge areas for snacks and beverages, and played basketball in one end of the gym. Not one, but two unique transformations — to satisfy all ages! Click here to see more photos.

"Red Carpet"
Homestead High School's 2011 winter dance was the talk of the town — if you count the backdrop paparazzi flashing cameras and the buzz of excitement from the "local" celebrities when they walked into the transformed space. Each year, A Party Apart comes up with unique themes for both the winter dances and Homestead's annual proms. This year's "Red Carpet Night" had all of the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood version — lights, cameras, action, the red carpet walk, a staging area for "celebrity" photos, and a trendy hot setting that rivaled any awards show. Be a "star" in your own setting! Click here to see more photos.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time to De-Stress Your Holiday Planning

December kicks off this magical season - the spirit of Christmas, holiday parties and festivities with family and friends – isn’t that what this time of the year is for when we entertain? Why then do so many people get stressed out for planning a party?

Gone are the days when most people would just quickly plan a get-together; or call a few friends on the spur of the moment, make some easy snacks and have a casual evening. Times have changed, and today, society demands it is all about the type of food, the look of the party and getting the right group of friends together at the same time, instead of just letting everyone mix and mingle.

Everyone has their idea of what the perfect party will be. Holiday parties are no different than any other special event, including weddings. Houses are decorated from traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary to the current popular "rustic elegance." Look at the décor all around us — anything goes. And the most common request? A "wow" factor when guests walk through the door. Today's holiday decor knows no right or wrong. It's hard to even remember when turkey was ONLY for Thanksgiving and Christmas — or shrimp cocktail was a New Year’s Eve or day treat? And Christmas colors were ALWAYS red and green?

Here's a couple of our favorite looks for this holiday season:
Winter Wonderland – all white and glitzy, full of crystal and snow. Centerpieces include white floral, candlelight; refreshments include sparkling champagne with butler-served appetizers.
Rustic Elegance – plenty of natural fabrics; centerpieces with cranberries, nuts, and greens; comfort foods and spiked wassil.
Timeless Traditional – familiar reds and greens as color scheme; evergreens and pine cones; buffet with a variety of timeless favorites like wings, meatballs and creamy dips.
Modern Sophistication – Contemporary blacks and chrome with a strong pop of color (think turquoise or lime green); spandex table coverings; martinis and tapas food stations; centerpieces of vases filled with shiny ornaments and metallics.

Our tips for having a stress-free, enjoyable event?
#1 - Have the party that makes YOU comfortable; when you are relaxed, your guests are going to enjoy the evening as much or more because they'll take their cue from you.
#2 – If you aren’t the person that loves to prepare food - call on your favorite caterer – there are many out there offering items to fit every like and taste. Pick the perfect menu and check it off your list.
#3 – Whether it is a decorator, a party rental company or extra servers to help you – depend on someone you trust for their expertise, knowledge and advice. Don’t cause any additional stress by wondering if the linens are going to be perfect or the delivery on time.
#4 – If you are using a rental company – schedule the delivery early and request set-up of items instead of just drop-offs.
#5 – Renting makes sense - it saves you time and energy – and at the end of your party, you pack it up and send it back (no storing and less trash and clean-up).

Most importantly, create a comfortable, warm inviting environment where guests will have fun and enjoy themselves, with you doing whatever makes you comfortable. With the right help and approach, you'll enjoy your party from the beginning to the end — and that's what entertaining this season is really all about.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Each year that the Erin’s House "Wine of the Spirit" fall fundraiser has been held in the warehouse at A Party Apart, co-owner Jim Brockmann has created something unique to add to the overall décor. The first year, 283 wine bottles hanging from the ceiling on the first floor entry way welcomed and "cued" guests that this wasn't your average wine-tasting/fundraiser. More wine bottles hung above the bar areas on the second floor. The second year, Brockmann purchased a semi-trailer of used wine barrels from a California winery to use as props to create the effect of a winery in downtown Fort Wayne.

On subsequent years, Jim continued to brainstorm and come up with unique ideas — for example, using a sandblaster to make holes in the sides of wine bottles and then connecting a ring from bottle to bottle to create lighted chandeliers above the guest tables.

Another time he convinced his wife and co-owner Cheryl Brockmann to allow him to purchase a drill press, and then for a number of evenings each night at home leading up to the event, small holes were created so they could be stacked straight up on a rod to make vertical props out of the many wine bottles.

For 2011, Jim decided on the idea of metal wine bottle trees for this year for Erin's House. He also enlisted the help of Jenny Brockmann, his daughter, an art teacher and artist in her own right, who flew in from Portland, OR for a few days to help her father out. Not only did Jenny need to hone her metal-crafting skills to help broaden her artistic abilities for a variety in the classes she teaches, but it also proved to be a great father/daughter bonding opportuntity!

After three days of intense cutting, bending, designing and welding - the yield? Stunning wine bottle trees for the 2011 "Wine of the Spirit" to benefit Erin’s House. The only extra supplies? "One tube of Ben Gay for the office muscles that became sore while working out in the shop for a change!" said Jim. The design process went well - as Jim explained, he has learned "not to argue with the artist, especially when it is a female artist!" and that it was amazing "how many different angles those little branches can be placed; 'no - move it in further; no - tilt it back some.' " But the results speak for themselves - and will officially debut on Friday, October 7, 2011 at A Party Apart - click here to visit the Erin's House website, or contact Michelle at 423-2466 for more information. See you there!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Party Apart Carries Off People's Choice Award at "Dining Inspirations" and is Carried Away by Cari Cucksey

Estate sale expert Cari Cucksey of HGTV's "Cash & Cari" show was the keynote speaker at "Dining Inspirations" - a fundraiser to benefit the Carriage House. Proceeds from the preview party and luncheon will support the facility and programs assisting people recovering from mental illness. "Dining Inspirations" is a project of Pi Chapter, Psi Iota Xi Inc.

A Party Apart was the winner of the People’s Choice Award – chosen by ballot by all guests at this 2-day event.

Heather Zehr, a former employee who loves still to help A Party Apart with her creativity while being a full-time mom, created our fabulous space to reflect the theme of how and where we dine.

Says Heather, "When Cheryl asked me to work on the design inspirations space, I was so thrilled, thankful and super excited! I love designing and I am obsessed with window displays. Window designer, Bergdorf Goodman, inspired me to fill this space to the max. Cheryl gave me the design theme - "rustic elegance with a modern twist." Working for Jim and Cheryl is an honor and they have so many amazing props, china, linens and lighting. It truly is a designer's playground. The hard part was where to stop!"

"I knew I wanted it to feel and look like a family room...stylish, cozy and appear to be hosting a party. I wanted a dramatic setting with lots of items so people could see what A Party Apart has available - fireplaces, vintage windows and different styles of chandeliers, giving lots of details. I slowly put it together layer by layer."

"Cheryl Brockmann and Teresa Police have taught me so much, and are both so inspiring to me, so I was thankful for their opinions on the space. All of the A Party Apart staff helped with my vision - with linens, china, artwork, gift wrapping, and more...and the dock guys helped pull and load all of the wonderful pieces."

"Catharine Kile, from Halls Takes the Cakes, donated the beautiful cakes and she customized the cupcakes to match the linens. Kari Geary, the owner of Lillian Rose Flowers, designed onsite to put the final touches on the display. And the Carriage House staff was so helpful and such a hard working group. They helped us get a good head start with unloading our full truck and then helped with the teardown."

"It was a pleasure to meet Cari (Cucksey). She is a charming and talented lady. I am a fan of her show and hope to visit her store. She was down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and shared a little of her story with us. Tym (De Santo), local designer and Designers Choice Award judge, was super funny and has a magnetic personality. It was very evident that he has a passion for design. It was exciting to talk to him about his upcoming move to Los Angeles and his design pursuits there. It meant so much that with their busy schedules both Cari and Tym came to support this event. I was blessed to have met these designers and was inspired by them."

Owner Cheryl Brockmann said that A Party Apart has been involved with Carriage House and their "Le Art of Table" since the beginning - and A Party Apart was excited about this year's "Dining Inspirations" and the idea of creating space. "We're proud to support such a great organization."

To see more photos from the event, click here to view the album on A Party Apart's Facebook page.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ultimate Spa Destination? Your Own Backyard...

Want to celebrate that special birthday with your BFFs, but can't seem to get everyone's schedules to gel and find the perfect spa destination? Bring the spa to you.

That's what one special lady here in Fort Wayne recently received from her husband for her birthday - the entire backyard area was transformed into a luxury spa oasis, giving the lady of honor and her 12 guests the over-the-top experience usually found in a four-diamond luxury resort.

Pipe and draping framed individual outdoor intimate areas - creating privacy and an upscale, resort-like feel. Guests could recline poolside while deciding which items from the spa menu they would choose to experience. Others sought to relax and refresh behind flowing curtains by beginning in the row of chairs complete with soaking tubs and foot massages. Individual massage tables around the perimeter beckoned the tense and tight of muscle, while body, mind and spirit began to repair for those curled up among plush pillows on outdoor couches.

A Party Apart enjoyed collaborating with LML Estate Management to transform an already spectacular existing outdoor area into an oasis of a different type. View additional photos here of this ultimate spa experience. Relax, renew, your mind and say "omm" and "ummm" — pass the cake. Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Corporate Events and Sales Conferences Don't Have to Be Boring (Looking)

The end of summer and early fall for some means start thinking about trade shows, sales meetings and conferences and events for customers, so the time to plan is now.

Take a look at these fun photos of a sales conference setting for Matilda Jane earlier this summer. Such fun to help create the ambiance and add to environments for their Trunk Keepers (sales reps), Art Fair (customers) and a smaller pre-conference event the night before at the Grand Wayne Center.

Linens and extra decor items from A Party Apart blended nicely with so many of the elements of their fabrics. We loved working with Denise and Lynette and their wonderful group of women.

What could we help you with for creating the mood, theme or environment for YOUR next sales meeting, trade show or fall conference?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Outdoor receptions - always have a plan B (or C) for weather...

Recently, A Party Apart did a reception in Culver, Indiana. This reception site, next to the beautiful historic Culver Chapel where the ceremony took place, required a BIG tent — 60’x100’ to be exact, with a second, unattached catering tent next to it.

With torrential rains 24/7 the weeks and days before the big event, the large tent was delivered early in the wedding week with the hopes of keeping the space dry. Side-walls were also put in place, enclosing the entire space.

Friday morning we were ready and prepared for our usual reception set-up process, including the rehearsal dinner to set at the family’s lake house that evening - and one more task no one anticipated. The ground by the 60'x100' tent had become so saturated that a large portion of the tent was actually flooded! After evaluating the actual site and considering alternative locations, we asked a local water restoration company to remove the standing water. We continued to stand watch with one eye on the sky and one eye on the ground, lifting side-walls to allow wind and sun to continue to dry out the space, and then dropping them as scattered storms blew through the area Friday. And campus security helped keep an eye on it Friday evening and overnight.

By Saturday morning — THE WEDDING DAY — the sun was shining, the rain had moved through the northern part of Indiana, and the tent was DRY! WHEW!! The A Party Apart team moved in to quickly transform the space and set up chandeliers, tables, chairs, linens, napkins, dishes, staging for the groom’s large out-of-town band, cocktail tables, and bar areas for 220 guests. There was even an attempt to move sailboats (at the groom's request); "attempted" — because sail boats are enormously heavy when filled with rainwater!

This "destination by the water" included a bit more water than everyone bargained for — but the end result was a beautiful wedding day and reception for Alex and Stephanie.

Special thanks to Mandy and Greg Kopp of Kopp Photography for allowing us to feature some of their stunning photography; see more of their work by visiting or find them at Copyright Kopp Photography; all rights reserved.

You can view more photos of the Culver reception at A Party Apart's Facebook page:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flip This Event...From Ceremony to Reception in 60!

When creating the perfect wedding ceremony site and/or reception site in a unique location, you plan and expect to be ready for anything. Shorten that experience to within an hour and everything really hinges on experience, coordination, attention to detail, timing, and how everyone works together.

This past weekend, we did a wedding and ceremony set-up in Baker Street Station in Fort Wayne. Because the old train station lobby is so beautiful, it's a perfect setting for a ceremony or a reception. We were able to do both, and flip the scene in 60 minutes!

Over 200 chairs for the wedding were set, along with floral and glass centerpieces with floating candles lining the aisles for the ceremony. After the "I do," guests exited the lobby and mingled under a tent with high top tables, regular tables and our cocktail lounge area. While the pre-reception took place, the lobby needed to be transformed into full reception site - tables of 8 to accommodate a sit-down meal for 200 guests, bridal party table, cake table, and take-away candy goodie bag station. Yes, that includes table linens, full place settings including chargers, three variations of centerpiece displays, bridal favors, votives and candles to light, and table numbers - all in place so the florists could work their magic too. Oh, and pipe and draping to help hide the activity and create ambiance. These means a team of 15 stayed in motion every minute of those 60 minutes, and 200 glass chargers, 250 glass vases, and 370 glass votives (all lit and aglow) later, the mother of the bride was allowed to preview and approve.

The good news - client was happy; everyone worked together beautifully, and not one glass casualty! Special thanks goes to the wonderful team at Lillian Rose, who provided the beautiful flower arrangements, and collaborated with us so seamlessly to create both environments.

We love it when a plan comes together - especially if it did so in 60 minutes! To see more photos of the ceremony, outdoor tented pre-reception, and reception, view our Facebook album.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Stuck on You...

A recent note from a happy customer....."Hi Jim, Here are several pictures of us having a blast with the velcro wall. It was definitely the hit of the party! — Thanks, Julie"

The photos sum up how much fun this can be. What is a velcro wall? The velcro, or "sticky" wall is a colorful and exciting game where adults and children put velcro suits over their clothing and then propel themselves off an inflatable bounce up towards the wall. Testing technique and strength, see how high you can stick! You can land sideways, upside down or any which way.

Not sure what to do for the kids for YOUR next birthday or party? Add a little bounce to your next event - run, jump and stick like a fly on the wall with a velcro wall! It's great fun and loads of laughs for those doing it and those watching it.

View more entertainment, inflatables, and games online in our catalog at Thanks for the great photos, Julie — "stick" with us - we'll find you something fun to add to your next event.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot Town; Summer in the City...

...and as the song goes, the back of everyone's necks is "getting dirty and gritty" from putting up what seems like thousands of tents for events already. Festival season is in full swing in Fort Wayne and northeastern Indiana — and if it's hot, you need a tent (for shade); if it's raining, you need a tent (for cover); if you have vendors, you need tents (for what they're doing), and if you have beer, you need a tent (to define your beer garden). So we have had A LOT who have needed tents for a variety of reasons.

If you attended RiverFest last weekend at IPFW in Fort Wayne, you saw much of what we do for festivals. Besides the large tenting, tables, and chairs, we also did the stage area for the bands, and the decorative large paddle balloons and sky lanterns. The large balloons, sky lanterns, and large balloon arches are all the rage for weddings this summer too - a dramatic finishing touch and attention-getter for weddings and reception sites. Tie the color into your overall wedding theme, and these really create a "wow" for guests and wedding parties alike.

BBQ RibFest, Germanfest and Greek Festival in downtown Fort Wayne at Headwaters Park used A Party Apart tents of varying sizes, tables, chairs and ceiling decor. And don't forget about making food prep easier - we can supply propane cooking stoves, ovens and warming cabinets for your next event, regardless of the size of your crowd. Thirsty too? Our margarita machines are flying out of here when the weather heats up.

For Three Rivers Festival (Fort Wayne's Biggest Summer Party since 1969) next week in downtown Fort Wayne, we're ready with set-ups for staging, tents, the parade, park set-ups and children's fest activities - when you see our trucks all over town, you know it's festival time in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the A Party Apart truck fleet is on the move!

Company picnic? Reunion? Backyard bash? Special birthday? Pool party? Fireworks this weekend? Big or small; week-long event or an hour or two - we can help you make your next event easier and special. Be sure to browse our online catalog of over 150,000 items - great for ideas and to check things like tent sizes and layouts before you come in to see us.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moonlight, chocolate, and music of the night

It's been a busy few weeks with Fort Wayne proms for staff at A Party Apart, but loaded with inspiration and ideas to borrow from for your next event.

The Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne hosted the Carroll High School prom, which took inspiration from Italy — white columns and a trellis or two draped with twinkling white lights and bunches of grapes created an archway reminiscent of the vineyards in Tuscany. The photo area included a dramatically lit "Leaning Tower of Pisa" with pops of purple and coblat blue lighting the draped backdrop. The tables dressed in black and silver with accenting cobalt blue chair ties and centerpieces with votives hanging from tree branches created an upscale, sophisticated mood.

Homestead High School chose the same venue, but a completely different theme with its Willy Wonka inspired environment, chock-full of candy pieces, suckers and color everywhere. Giant lollypops and cellophane-wrapped suckers welcomed students — just imagine the sensation of giant pieces of candy, candy bars and gum hanging over you in bold, bright colors. Islands of cotton candy trees and peppermint stick towers created the playful mood and separated gathering areas. Bold, bright magenta, lime green and aqua spandex chair covers kept the look sleek, modern and youthful.

North Side's "Phantom of the Opera" theme lent itself to the lower level at the Scottish Rite Center in Fort Wayne, with moody blacks, silver and gold-leaf candelabras and crystal chandeliers. Hot pops of red added to the feel of an opera house, as did the lower ceiling draped in lights and sheer fabric. Flickering candles gave everything a dark, eerie glow. The separate space with dramatic white half-mask, draping of crimson, wrought iron candelabra and single rose created the perfect photo setting.

Click here to view more photos in our Facebook "2011 Proms" album. Thanks to all the schools for choosing A Party Apart to help create unique prom themes!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mad Hatter Setting Wows Young and Old Alike

by guest blogger Donna Emley, Principal and Creative Director, Emley Design Group, and co-hostess of the 2011 Mad Hatter Tea to benefit Early Childhood Alliance

Sometimes we have an idea that takes a long time to come to fruition. The Mad Hatter Tea theme has been alive in my mind's eye since the creation of the tea committee for Early Childhood Alliance over five years ago. The appropriateness of this theme presents itself fairly obviously, but all the subtle nuances (and not so subtle - it is, after all, the Mad Hatter!) and how exactly it could be executed is what has been percolating for so long - waiting for the right time and the right place to reveal itself. This past Saturday was that time and place.

Typically held in a private home, the annual tea has become a signature fundraising event for Early Childhood Alliance and an opportunity for 60-65 women to gather for a three-course traditional afternoon tea in a unique, intimate setting. For our 5th anniversary celebration, we wanted to do something over-the-top. The idea of holding it at A Party Apart, the largest party dealer in Northeast Indiana, on its 3rd floor and transforming a warehouse and storage area into a "wonderland" of sorts, took seed and began to blossom the minute Cheryl and I started our conversation.

Cheryl sees things in her mind's eye too. She immediately understood the idea of including children for this anniversary year, and the need for the environment to be magical and appeal to young and old alike. The space began to take shape - separate intimate areas for tables, linens and color schemes, centerpieces and hanging lanterns; tableware to please the eye and entice the palette. The vision became a shared one and she and A Party Apart were committed.

Here's the thing you need to understand about Cheryl and Jim, her husband, and A Party Apart. They are two of the hardest working business owners in town. They are the unsung heroes of community involvement and their support of nonprofits is widespread. They are professional and experienced and humble and they inspire their staff to be the same. So expectations were high, but as usual, they promised, and then over-delivered.

Most of you may not realize the depth and breadth of props A Party Apart stores on its 2nd and 3rd floors. After years of special events, fundraisers, themed parties, proms and wedding/receptions, you accumulate a lot of "stuff." As we toured the storage area, giant cut-outs of everything from playing cards to Vegas show girls peered out from behind the pillars. A Christmas scene with life-size carolers stood singing beside a giant pirate ship with skeletons and a treasure chest. Oversized air-brushed beach bums stood along side Mardi Gras masks the size of a kitchen table. Columns, courtyards and lattice window cut-outs created mini garden settings and suggested where the Queen of Hearts and her knave would have been shouting "off with their heads!" We had found the perfect environment.

Each time the committee would make a visit to A Party Apart, the enthusiasm would bubble up. Our "Iron Chef" and her crew would get excited about the options for tableware, serving plates, and "super" coolers. Our tea master brewer was delighted with the behind-the-scenes set-up for brewing, serving and washing our vast collection of over 250 heirloom tea cups onsite. Early Childhood's executive director and marketing/development director continued to be impressed by ideas for check-in stations, areas and decor for silent auction, and the individually themed areas for 20 tables and over 100 guests, including 26 children. I was happily distracted by the idea of bugs in the centerpieces (literally - and our two little boy guests were over the moon about these - where else do you see bees and butterflies and a praying mantis as part of the table decor unless it's a Mad Hatter party at A Party Apart?)!

On the Friday before set-up, with each hour that passed, the evidence of attention to detail and the vast amount of experience Cheryl and her staff have continued to amaze and delight us. What was once a blank space at the top of the stairs now was transformed into a giant pink garden setting, with oversized flowers, Mad Hatter sayings, and an "Alice-like" bench perfect for a photo opt. The elevator transformed into a "down-the-rabbit-hole" environment with fake grass, a park bench, potted topiary, and color accents. Garden vignettes defined space, and table decor included crazy candlesticks, a multi-color chandelier, feathers, boas and bird cages. The black and white polka-dot linens provided the perfect base for the pop of vibrant color from the napkins and the tea cups.

More serving tables? Not a problem. LED-flashing tumblers for the children? Here you go. More greenery or another table setting? Done. Additional triangle plates and champagne glasses? On the way. Each request was met with immediate attention and a smile. Customer service is a core value at A Party Apart. And with over 150,000 items available in its online catalog, it's hard to stump A Party Apart with a request.

At the end of the day, the true test of a successful event is the memories guests take away with them. Our guests couldn't wipe the smiles off of their faces. They were submerged in the experience because of the environment Cheryl and A Party Apart helped to create. They were delighted almost every moment by the discovery of something new. "Best event ever!" "Truly over-the-top!" Click here to view more photos.

A Party Apart approaches every event and rental opportunity in this same manner. As the largest and most diversified rental and event planning company in Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana, Cheryl and Jim and their staff continue to be innovative and creative with every client. Intimate party or lavish fundraiser; company picnic or outdoor wedding/reception for 500 complete with tent rentals, lighting, staging, and more — your next event will benefit from their experience, professionalism and commitment to quality. I know ours did. Now that I've imagined and experienced our Mad Hatter Tea, I couldn't have imagined it any other way than with Cheryl and A Party Apart as such an integral part of our team and success.